RKW ACE under new ownership

Standard Investment takes over production site in Liège, Belgium.

Frankenthal (Germany), Liege (Belgium) – For more than 60 years, RKW has committed itself to improving the daily life of consumers all over the world. Customer-focused solutions based on sustainable products are a vital part of our DNA. To tap into this vast potential, RKW has implemented a strategy focusing on core products and international growth markets, with a particular emphasis on the hygiene, packaging and agricultural sectors. In this context, RKW has decided to sell its production of embossed films and laminates for the medical industry RKW ACE S.A. (“ACE”) in Liège, Belgium.

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Like the new website?

As ACE separates from RKW after many happy years together, it is time for a new lease of life for the company. So a new logo and a new look to take us forward into a fresh new era.

How do our customers see us? That is easy to answer: dependable, consistent, strong – and becoming ever more green. We believe that our new logo echoes this perception and that our customers will be proud to be associated with the new look.

And how do we see ourselves? Smart, flexible, professional – and simply the best at what we do. Our new look certainly reflects this and we identify with it whole-heartedly.

So, what changes along with the look? Well, not much in the short term – it is business as usual. However, as we move forward, we will be introducing new products for new applications – all based on our current technology but with a new twist. The difference is that we are focusing more and more on sustainable processes and resins, and reducing the overall carbon footprint of our products’ life.

Join us on the continuation of our successful journey towards a bright and green future!

About ACE:

ACE, established in 1973, manufactures cast embossed films, laminates of film to nonwoven, and apertured films. The company is located in Liège, Belgium. ACE has the distinction of being one of the very first film producers for the nascent hygiene market back in the ‘70s and was one of the founder members of EDANA, the global trade association for the nonwovens industry.

For many years ACE has specialised in the manufacture of films and laminates for the medical and hygiene single-use market, whilst using the same technologies to create leading edge products for the construction and industrial applications

With high quality, best service and trail-blazing innovation at the heart of the company, ACE is arguably one of the global leaders in its field of expertise.


Christoph Lentz
Business Development Director

ACE srl
Rue de Renory, 499
B-4031 Angleur | Belgium
TVA BE 0413.199.511
RPM Liège

Phone: +32 4 349 86 65
Mobile: +32 472 45 00 90
Email: Christoph.Lentz@ace-films.be