ACE continues to play an important role in the battle against covid-19.

Our way of life has changed.

Social distancing has become the norm, as has wearing masks for the majority of our working day. Testing centers have popped up just about everywhere and they are staffed with doctors, nurses and healthcare workers at the front-line of covid-19. This dedicated workforce needs protection from the new virus that has taken over our lives in one shape or form. The need for isolation and visitors gowns continues to grow.

As companies have necessarily transformed their business models in order to serve the need for products and protection during this demanding time, also ACE has remodeled its offering for protective gowns and single-use clothing.


GOWNACE 72, is an impermeable yet breathable three-layer laminate whose structure makes it the perfect choice for all-round protection in high temperatures and where the gown will be used for a longer length of time. Where seams must be heat sealed or ultrasonically bonded, G72 is the right choice.

GOWNACE 71 is a breathable two-ply laminate that is a cost-efficient option for gowns used under the same conditions – think optimized protection, hours in the sunshine and maybe a long day in the same garment.

In response to market demand, ACE is introducing G71 Ultra. This new addition to the Gownace family addresses the question of heat sealing or ultrasonically bonding seams and presents a fabric that meets the criteria of affordability as well as protection. G71 Ultra is planned to be officially launched on the market well before year end.

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PROGACE range expands

Meanwhile, ACE’s Progace assortment of laminates is now extended to cover a variety of needs in the area of single-use workwear. From lightweight impermeable laminates, to heavier breathable laminates, Progace is a flexible range that adapts to the customer requirements. Our team realized that standard products for the protective workwear market do not necessarily fit with new needs during this covid-19 period. Comfort and noise of course. However, these are of somewhat lesser consideration than correct protection levels combined with ease of handling and convertibility, availability, and cost. These important elements are considered in the product design process, which also addresses the application, the technology we use to create the laminate, and choice of nonwovens.

“Whilst nonwovens remain difficult to obtain at short notice, the extended range that we have developed helps in improving agility in the supply chain. The team can offer a wide range of alternatives that match the final application and customer expectations” says Frédéric Paule, Product Development Manager. He adds, “Of course, validation processes of new products have had to speed up to keep up with demand. This certainly keeps us on our toes!”

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