Learn more about how we have adapted our offerings for single-use hospital drapes and gowns, and limited wear protective clothing

Our way of life is changing.
The way we do business is changing.
Social distancing has become the norm, as has wearing masks for most of our working day.

Whilst Covid-19 maintains its grip on daily life, companies have necessarily transformed their business models to serve the growing need for products and protection.
If you have already read our news article from 23rd of June 2020, you will know that see ourselves as smart, flexible, and professional – and simply the best at what we do. And so, we adjust ourselves to the new demands from our markets and customers, at the same time as improving our service to our customers.
Read on to learn how we have adapted our offerings for single-use hospital drapes and gowns, and limited wear protective clothing.

ACE introduces Medicace® Ultra and Medicace® Classic

ACE offers a broad range of standard films and laminates which are used in infection prevention. From patient drapes and surgeons’ gowns, to table covers and mayo-stand covers, from super absorbent patches to gown reinforcements, the ideal laminate is in our portfolio.

Our customers want to understand at first glance whether they are making the right choice for their product. Describing the final application, and the benefits of a particular laminate is one thing. However, determining whether this solution fits the EN13795 performance category is another.

So, to improve its service to its customers and potential business partners, ACE has renamed its HIGH-performance laminates as Medicace® Ultra and its STANDARD performance laminates as Medicace® Classic.


Medicace® Ultra continues in the tradition of the brand, presenting laminates for surgical drapes that meet the strictest conditions in EN13795.

Medicace® Classic laminates meet the conditions set out for STANDARD performance, critical area.

“Opening up the Medicace® brand to make the range more understandable means that we reach our audience more efficiently, and the whole process of testing and trials is shortened.” says Christoph Lentz, Business Development Director. “At ACE, we never, ever, compromise on quality. We are in the business of infection prevention. Critical area. By linking Ultra and Classic to the performance categories in the EN13795 norm, we make the product positioning clear from the beginning. This is an important step change in the evolution of our well-known brand”.

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Gownace goes ULTRA

In response to demands from the hospital and healthcare market, ACE is introducing G71 Ultra. A sister to the 2-ply laminate of breathable film and spunbond nonwoven G71, this new addition to the Gownace family is used to produce single-use gowns and addresses the question of heat sealing or ultrasonically bonding a 2-ply laminate. This new fabric meets the criteria of affordability as well as protection. G71 Ultra is planned to be officially launched on the market before December 2020.

G72, is a robust, impermeable, and breathable three-layer laminate whose structure makes it the perfect choice for all-round ULTRA protection in the operating theatre. It can be heat sealed or ultrasonically bonded, which helps to ensure that the seams of the finished garment are air-tight and present a perfect barrier to bacteria.


Progace responds to the market

ACE - Scientist carrying tray of test tubes in laboratory

Meanwhile, ACE’s Progace assortment of laminates is now extended to cover a variety of needs in single-use workwear. From lightweight impermeable laminates, to heavier breathable laminates, Progace is a flexible range that adapts to the customer requirements. Our team realized that standard products for the protective workwear market do not necessarily fit with new needs during this COVID-19 period. Comfort and noise of course. However, these are of somewhat lesser consideration than correct protection levels combined with ease of handling and convertibility, availability, and cost. These important elements are considered in the product design process, which also addresses the application, the technology we use to create the laminate, and choice of nonwovens. The latest additions to the family are Progace 29 and Progace 30, which are suited perfectly to lighter weight single-use protective garments. Both are being widely used in the battle against COVID-19.

“Whilst nonwovens remain difficult to obtain at short notice, the extended range that we have developed helps in improving agility in the supply chain. The team can offer a wide range of alternatives that match the final application and customer expectations” says Frédéric Paule, Product Development Manager.

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About ACE:

ACE, established in 1973, manufactures cast embossed films, laminates of film to nonwoven, and apertured films. The company is located in Liège, Belgium. ACE has the distinction of being one of the very first film producers for the nascent hygiene market back in the ‘70s and was one of the founder members of EDANA, the global trade association for the nonwovens industry.

For many years ACE has specialised in the manufacture of films and laminates for the medical and hygiene single-use market, whilst using the same technologies to create leading edge products for the construction and industrial applications

With high quality, best service and trail-blazing innovation at the heart of the company, ACE is arguably one of the global leaders in its field of expertise.


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